If a 4-year-old was a triathlete

Monique McDonough Her View, Lifestyle Leave a Comment

On Thursday, Sasha will participate in her first “official” running race (The SOME 5k Turkey Trot in DC). Now, let’s be honest, she won’t run 5k – and I would be surprised if she ran 5 blocks. But the goal is to have her participate with us, developing her own love of fitness and sense of accomplishments. She’s been excited about it all week; talking about how it’s a big day, and how the race is a precursor to family and Thanksgiving dinner. Mostly, I think she’s excited about getting her own t-shirt. (Note to the author, they don’t have finisher’s medals at this race. Remember to recycle one from the Inspiration wall (https://www.triathlonparents.com/training-inspiration/). Sasha will be crushed if she doesn’t get hardware at the end.)

I get a lot of photos from triathletes whose children are dabbling in swimming, running and triathlons. They are so proud (and they should be) about their family’s accomplishments. It’s wonderful. So, as I think back to how we’ve shaped Sasha’s perspectives about racing, and triathlons, I remember the time in 2012 when we took he to see the Marine Corp Marathon (see photo on the homepage). Sasha was so excited to be there and watch all the runners come around the Capitol. She gave at least 100 high-fives, and the runners really loved her cheers and encouraging words. There were so many smiles. It was wonderful to see Sasha so engaged and excited, and we must have stayed there for at least an hour.

But I had to laugh (and was mildly embarrassed) when she said “after this, Mommy, they swim and bike?” The accomplishment of 30,000 people running the MCM essentially got nullified by a 3-year-old who thought  running a marathon wasn’t enough. Well, at least she has the concept of triathlon right. And she aims high.