Triathlons – A middle-age, newbie perspective

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By Warren Shiver — I have the pleasure of working with two IronMan triathletes (Monique – the sponsor of this site and blog, and David Szen, who recently guest posted). It’s been amazing to watch and consider Monique’s dedication and commitment to training as she and Greg train for Lake Placid this month. As an outsider (while I exercise 4-5 …

Racing through a crash — tales from Louisville

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By Jenn McGrew Kiper – I have always been an athlete. I was a collegiate volley ball player, a short distance runner, a basketball player, etc.. But after 20+ years of running, I wanted to try something different. Fast-forward to 2013 when I decided – for my 40th birthday – that I would do a full ironman. I was coaching …


A tee shirt and a medal – that’s the hope

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By Josh Rosenberg – A little background on me.  I’m probably not your typical Ironman triathlete.  I’m there to finish.  A tee shirt and a medal – that’s the hope.  Seeing the finish line before midnight – it’s a win!  I think I’ve always kept my aspirations lofty in that, in the real world, people think doing an Ironman is …

triathlon training with a baby

Will triathlon be a part of life with a baby in the house?

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By David Szen — Hang around the sport since 1999 and something odd happens – 15 years go by. Here are the headlines: Triathlon was once the center of my life My wife took up triathlons so she could actually spend time with me I have 50+ races under my belt, including 4Ironman finishes My wife has a great resume …