Is Ironman the new Marathon?

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The same WSJ article that I mentioned in an earlier post noted that 185k people attempt an Ironman-branded race each year. Really? That number is nearly 20 times higher than what I estimated in 2004. At the time, there were only 5 Ironman races in North America races and a handful of ½ Ironman races. Now, there are 15 full …

Chis McCormack, I'm Here to Win, Embrace the Suck

Macca: “Embrace the Suck”

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When a legendary triathlete like Chris McCormack or ‘Macca’ (two-time winner of the Ironman World Championship), who has a reputation for being arrogant and cocky, decides to write a book about his personal and professional life, it’s only natural to be a little sceptical. More often than not, such books tend to carry a lot of fluff, the usual motivational …