Christmas came early – Hello Computrainer!

Monique McDonough Gear, Her View 1 Comment

It’s been a pretty active couple of weeks in our household. We’ve signed up for an Ironman Training program (more to follow) and our Computrainers have arrived. For those of you who aren’t familiar, a Computrainer is an incredibly sophisticated indoor biking system – pretty much the equivalent of taking the training wheels off your bike and getting a carbon frame all at the same time. It electronically monitors your workout and you can buy software (which we did) to mimic major race courses and simulate a race course.

Soon, we’ll be riding the IM Lake Placid course from the “comfort” of our own home. Having been in the sport of triathlon for about a dozen years now, I’ve familiar with the Computrainer’s coolness. I’ve been able to use the systems a few times at fancy spinning gyms. They’re awesome. The amount of information and data you get is amazing. And, it really does allow you to gauge your fitness, while making spinning fun. But to actually have my own Computrainer is pretty ridiculous. (Thanks AMEX points!)

When Greg said he was going to get one, I had the reaction similar to what you would expect from my daughter Sasha – Me Too! Logical, yes. Rational, no. But, I can’t have gear envy with my own husband, can I?

So, we are now the proud owners of 2 Computrainers. Our simulation software with the IM Lake Placid course is also here. Now, if Santa could have set them up for us two weeks ago when they arrived, that would have truly been a Merry Christmas.