IRONMAN Maryland: Our next challenge, 8 weeks after Lake Placid

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Ironman Maryland

New to the Ironman circuit, the Cambridge, Maryland event has been around for years under a different name. Given its unique challenges, its official induction has generated enough buzz to make this race one of the most popular in coming years. Add that to this location’s list of events, accommodations, and historic personality makes this race a must-do for competitors.


  • Formerly known as the Chesapeakeman
  • Swim takes place in Choptank River—a name that speaks for itself with a wave start in water averaging 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Average temperature for race day: 81 degrees Fahrenheit


Cambridge and its Choppy Challenge

Each Ironman event draws a different crowd based on its personality and challenges, and IRONMAN Maryland race is no different. New to the events and providing unique trials in its swim and bike courses, this race is sure to challenge the endurance of veteran and new competitors. Combining the unique trek with Cambridge’s historic and inviting persona has made it a standout among Ironman races.

Having years of hosting large race events under its belt, Cambridge is fit (no pun intended) for competitors and spectators alike. Offering a fantastic location with race day events to keep your cheering squad busy, this town on the Delmarva Peninsula has arts, restaurants, and shopping encompassing the main stage. As the race brings athletes in and out of the heart of Cambridge, your family and friends can watch each transition without leaving the comfort of the town itself.

Swimming the course begins with a wave start in Choptank River. With a name that perfectly describes the race, athletes get a feel for what it’s like to compete on a shoreline, braving windy conditions the entire day. Although temperatures are a comfortable 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the windy and choppy waters provide for one of the more challenging swim courses in Ironman events.

The wind carries over through the notably flat bike course, and even more significantly when racers reach Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. This marshy habitat is where the bulky headwind really rips through riders, testing physical and mental stamina at one of the courses toughest peaks.

Running makes up for the first two courses with its equally flat terrain and somewhat simple path: three laps at almost nine miles each. Athletes are able to enjoy the scenic view while looping back into crowds of screaming fans three times to keep adrenaline going when they need it most. Wrapping the race in historic downtown Cambridge with cheering spectators has proven excitement enough to add this event to Ironman’s list of challenging races.