Ironman Maryland (Part 2): Getting a PR (Race Report)

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Race morning, we left Simone and my mother at the hotel (it was 4:30, so a wise decision all around), and Greg (my husband), Sasha (oldest daughter), and I drove to the race site. Ironman Maryland seemed to be smaller than other IM races, and we easily found a parking spot within a few blocks of the transition area. Fellow …

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Ironman Maryland (Part 1): The Inaugural Race

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Ironman Maryland was my Ironman mulligan. The do-over that typically takes years to pull off. And I did it in just 8 weeks. And, I had a PR in Cambridge. Even months later, it’s hard to fathom. Here’s how it happened. The Background Greg and I were fit from Ironman Lake Placid training, and eager to race a better race …

IRONMAN Maryland: Our next challenge, 8 weeks after Lake Placid

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New to the Ironman circuit, the Cambridge, Maryland event has been around for years under a different name. Given its unique challenges, its official induction has generated enough buzz to make this race one of the most popular in coming years. Add that to this location’s list of events, accommodations, and historic personality makes this race a must-do for competitors. …