8 Tips to Making it Work

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Just about every day, someone says to me “I don’t know how you do it.” And, on the surface, I get it. My husband, Greg, and I both work full-time. We have 2 young children (ages 6 and 2.5). And, we’re both training for an Ironman this summer – actually, for the second year in a row. Yes, we’re crazy. …


A tee shirt and a medal – that’s the hope

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By Josh Rosenberg – A little background on me.  I’m probably not your typical Ironman triathlete.  I’m there to finish.  A tee shirt and a medal – that’s the hope.  Seeing the finish line before midnight – it’s a win!  I think I’ve always kept my aspirations lofty in that, in the real world, people think doing an Ironman is …