Lady Luck was on my side – Challenge Roth 2017

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I am a true believer that luck is the combination of preparation and opportunity.  And avoiding bad luck is as fortunate as receiving good luck.  Long distance triathlons are a haven for both. It happened to me at Lake Placid in 2014 when the on course bike mechanic arrived seconds after my inner tube punctured for the third time and I was …


IM Switzerland — When finishing is victory (Race Report)

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“When someone can turn around their personal worst and make it a win, this is the true test of character.” — AJ Morrison (coach) Ironman Switzerland is a fantastic race with a breathtaking course that can test the limits of any athlete. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the oldest IM races. But this year’s heat wave in Europe …

Ironman Maryland (Part 2): Getting a PR (Race Report)

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Race morning, we left Simone and my mother at the hotel (it was 4:30, so a wise decision all around), and Greg (my husband), Sasha (oldest daughter), and I drove to the race site. Ironman Maryland seemed to be smaller than other IM races, and we easily found a parking spot within a few blocks of the transition area. Fellow …

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Ironman Maryland (Part 1): The Inaugural Race

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Ironman Maryland was my Ironman mulligan. The do-over that typically takes years to pull off. And I did it in just 8 weeks. And, I had a PR in Cambridge. Even months later, it’s hard to fathom. Here’s how it happened. The Background Greg and I were fit from Ironman Lake Placid training, and eager to race a better race …

IMLP Race Report: I saw the lightning & heard “all swimmers to shore”

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This was my second Ironman  race — and finish — at Lake Placid. The first was in 2006, just two weeks before Greg and I were married. Then, I can remember thinking two things: (1) don’t fall off the bike, and (2) don’t get bad tan lines for your wedding dress. This time around, all I could think about what …

Racing through a crash — tales from Louisville

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By Jenn McGrew Kiper – I have always been an athlete. I was a collegiate volley ball player, a short distance runner, a basketball player, etc.. But after 20+ years of running, I wanted to try something different. Fast-forward to 2013 when I decided – for my 40th birthday – that I would do a full ironman. I was coaching …


A tee shirt and a medal – that’s the hope

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By Josh Rosenberg – A little background on me.  I’m probably not your typical Ironman triathlete.  I’m there to finish.  A tee shirt and a medal – that’s the hope.  Seeing the finish line before midnight – it’s a win!  I think I’ve always kept my aspirations lofty in that, in the real world, people think doing an Ironman is …

Athlinks – my new favorite website

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Now that I’m back to more serious training and racing, it’s been fun to compare my current performance relative to the same events in previous years. That’s where Athlinks comes into play. According to Athlinks, I’ve covered 1,224 miles across 48 races since I started my athletic ventures in 2001. Athlinks aggregates race results (marathons, triathlons, open water swims and …

Is Ironman the new Marathon?

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The same WSJ article that I mentioned in an earlier post noted that 185k people attempt an Ironman-branded race each year. Really? That number is nearly 20 times higher than what I estimated in 2004. At the time, there were only 5 Ironman races in North America races and a handful of ½ Ironman races. Now, there are 15 full …